Artizon Museum

The Bridgestone Museum of Art has been closed since May 2015 for reconstruction of the building. In September 2018, it announced it will change the name to the Artizon Museum and re-open in January 2020. The Artizon Museum is now making preparations towards the opening.

The Artizon Museum will include significant changes in the areas of exhibitions, education and others, in addition to having a new building and facilities. It will display collections up to 3,200 ranging from Impressionism, abstract paintings, Japanese western-style paintings and Japanese antiquities in a unique plan.

Also as the main facility in the Kyobashi 1-Chome East Area (the urban regeneration special areas), the Artizon Museum will serve as a base for art and culture, and contribute to area development.

Museum Tower Kyobashi
  • Office:
    1-7-2 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Artizon Museum
    Above; Artizon Museum
    Right; Museum Tower Kyobashi