The Grantees

in 2015


Grantees Expenses Purposes
Societe Franco-Japonaise D'Art et D'Archeologie Issuance "Bulletin De La Societe Franco-Japonaise" and holding symposium
The Society for the Study of Japonisme Issuance "Studies in Japonisme"
Collegium Mediterranistarum Issuance of the "Report by the Society of the Mediterranean" and holding lectures
International Ukiyo-e Society Issuance "Ukiyo-e Art" and publishing book of Ukiyo-e
Komaba Museum, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo Restoration of the modern Japanese paintings
The University of Tokyo (Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies) Analysis of the process of the artistic inspiration and holding the workshop
Heidelberg University, Institute of East Asian Art History Invitation of Japanese Art History’s specialists as visiting professor and holding the international conference
The Japan Foundation Exhibit at Japanese pavilion in the 15th Venice Biennale of Architecture
Organizing "A Series of New Exhibitions Focusing on Cutting-edge Japanese Creativity Debuts" in Paris
Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures Holding the 3rd "Ishibashi Foundation Lecture Series"
Tokyo University of the Arts (Graduate School of Fine Arts) Holding "Ishibashi Foundation Grant Program"
Queensland Art Gallery Holding "The 8th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art"
Biennale of Sydney Holding "The 20th Biennale of Sydney"
CIMAM2015_TOKYO Supporting "CIMAM annual Conference 2015" in Tokyo


Grantees Expenses Purposes
Kurume Cultural Development Foundation Support to operation and maintenance of Ishibashi Cultural Center
Kurume City Operation and maintenance of the Ishibashi Museum of Art
Supporting "Kurume-shi art promotion fund"
Association of Art in the Meiji era Issuance of the academic journal "Kindai Gasetsu"
Japan Industrial Designer's Association Issuance of the catalogue of "JIDA Design Museum Selection"
The Museum of Modern Japanese Literature Producing audio visual materials
Oral History Archives of Japanese Art Data collection of Japanese art history by interview from speaker's memories
La Maison Franco-Japonaise Research on Japanese and French culture, holding symposiums
NPO Aoki Shigeru "Uminosachi" kai Supporting the preservation of the Kotani House in Tateyama city which Aoki Shigeru depicted "Uminosachi"


Grantees Expenses Purposes
The National Society for the Study of Education for the Emotionally Disturbed National conference of the study of emotional disabilities
National Research Group on Moral Education at Junior High School National conference of research and publish research
NPO Tokyo Shure Support of integrated education at a free school
Association For Japanese - Language Teaching Creating materials for teaching Japanese to foreign trainees
Japan educational Exchanges and Services Supporting exchange students by Sponsored Scholarships

Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster Revival

Grantees Expenses Purposes
NPO SOAT: Supporting Organization for Artists of Tokyo Support to produce the mosaic art in Sendai city
YANAGIBASHI KABUKI HOZONKAI Conservation and training the successor of YANAGIBASHI KABUKI
NPO Gekidan Yuu Playing musical at the disaster coastal area in Iwate Prefecture
Tomioka-machi 3・11 wo Kataru-kai Training the "Storyteller" of Tohoku disaster
NPO P@CT Supporting the reconstruction assistance and children in Rikuzen-Takata city