The Grantees

in 2021


Grantees Expenses Purposes
Société franco-japonaise d'art et d'archéologie Publication of Bulletin de la Société France-Japonaise d'art et d'archeologie, No. 40
Society for the Study of Japonisme Publication of Studies in Japonisme, No. 41
Society for the Study of Japonisme
(Special program)
Program for the Society's 40th Anniversary: Report of the Society for the Study of Japonisme International Symposium
Collegium Mediterranistarum Collegium Mediterranistarum Publication of its journal, Mediterraneus, No. 44
International Ukiyo-e Society Publication of Ukiyo-e Art, No. 182 and 183
Kurume Cultural Promotion Foundation Holding the Two Journeys: Aoki Shigeru and Sakamoto Hanjiro Commemorating the 140th Anniversary of Their Births exhibition
The Japan Foundation Holding the Venice Biennale: International Art Exhibition
Queensland Art Gallery Holding the 10th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art
The Buddhist Art Society Publication of Buddhist Arts, No. 8 and 9
Rietberg Museum Holding the Love, Fight, Feast exhibition
The National Art Center, Tokyo English translation of chapters 7-9 of History of Modern and Contemporary Art in Japan


Grantees Expenses Purposes
Association of Art in the Meiji Era Publication of Kindai Gasetsu, No. 30
Japan Industrial Designer's Association Publication of the catalogue for the JIDA Design Museum Selection, Vol. 23
The Museum of Modern Japanese Literature Producing audiovisual materials: The Voice Library, recordings of authors reading their own works aloud
The Museum of Modern Japanese Literature (special project) Distributing the English version of the Voice Library overseas
Program commemorating the 50th anniversary of the death of Kawabata Yasunari and the 55th anniversary of the opening of the Museum of Modern Japanese Literature
Oral History Archives of Japanese Art Collecting oral history materials from persons related to Japanese art, conserving those materials, making them public, and organizing past data
Maison Franco-Japonaise Holding an international symposium
NPO Platform for Architectural Thinking Conducting a survey of design archives in Japan
The City of Kurume Replacing or repairing fixtures at the Ishibashi Shojiro Memorial Museum


Grantees Expenses Purposes
National Research Group on Moral Education at Junior High School Holding its 55th national research conference
Association for Japanese
- Language Teaching
Putting in place an IT environment and developing educational materials for Japanese-language support for foreigners in Japan
Japan educational Exchanges and Services Ishibashi Foundation Scholarship for overseas research
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Support for the training program Ishibashi Foundation Assistant Curator for Japanese Art
The Japan Foundation Support for the program Ishibashi Foundation / The Japan Foundation Fellowship for Research on Japanese Art