Year Milestone President
1952 The Bridgestone Gallery (as of 1967, the Bridgestone Museum of Art) opens. PHOTO
The Bridgestone Building upon the opening of the BMA (1952)
Crown Prince Akihito visits the BMA (1952)
1956 The Ishibashi Foundation is established.
The Bridgestone Gallery is incorporated into the Foundation.
The Ishibashi Art Gallery (as of 1971, the Ishibashi Museum of Art) opens.
The opening of the IMA (1956)
1959 The Bridgestone Gallery is renovated and expanded.
1960 The Foundation contributes to the renovation of la Maison Franco-Japonaise.
Ishibashi Shojiro is decorated Officer of the French Legion of Honor.
The Foundation builds a new auditorium and grants its use to the Kurume Education Club.
French Minister of Cultural Affairs André Malraux visits the BMA (1960)
1961 Ishibashi Shojiro donates most of his art collection to the Ishibashi Foundation.
Ishibashi Shojiro is awarded the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.
1962 Musee National d'Art Moderne in Paris holds an exhibition of works from the Ishibashi Collection. PHOTO
The Ishibashi Collection exhibition in Paris (1962)
Crown Prince Akihito and Crown Princess Michiko visit the IMA (1968)
1963 The Foundation donates two buildings in the Ishibashi Cultural Center – the Cultural Hall and the Cultural Auditorium – to the Cty of Kurume.
In collaboration with the National Museum of Western Art, the Foundation brings Jacques Maréchal to Japan from France to clean and restore works in the Collection.
1965 The Ishibashi Art Gallery is renovated and expanded.
1967 Aoki Shigeru's A Good Catch, a painting in the Collection, is designated an Important Cultural Property.
1969 Fujishima Takeji's Black Fan and Aoki Shigeru's Paradise Under the Sea, both paintings in the Collection, are designated Important Cultural Properties.
1972 The Foundation acquires Edouard Manet's Self-Portrait.
1976 Ishibashi Foundation founder Ishibashi Shojiro passes away. ISHII Mitsujiro
1977 The Ishibashi Foundation takes over the administration of the Ishibashi Museum of Art from the Cty of Kurume.
1978 Ishibashi Museum of Art facilities are renovated and expanded. PHOTO
The expanded and redesigned IMA (1978)
1980 The studio of artist Sakamoto Hanjiro is moved to and reconstructed on the grounds of the Ishibashi Cultural Center, and donated to the City of Kurume.
The Foundation acquires Pablo Picasso's Saltimbanque Seated with Arms Crossed.
1981 ISHIBASHI Kanichiro PHOTO
Italian President Alessandro Pertini visits the BMA (1982)
1983 President of the Board of Directors Ishibashi Kanichiro is decorated Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.
1986 Ishibashi Kanichiro is awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Civil Merit of Spain.
The Foundation acquires Renoir's Mlle Georgette Charpentier Seated.
1996 The Ishibashi Museum of Art, Asian Gallery opens. PHOTO
The opening of the IMA, Asian Gallery (1996)
1997 ARITA Kazuhisa
1999 Bridgestone Museum of Art facilities undergo extensive renovation. UCHIDA Hiroshi
2003 Bridgestone Museum of Art is the first museum to receive ISO certification.
Fujishima Takeji's Reminiscence of the Tempyo Era, a paintings in the Collection, is designated an Important Cultural Property.
The Musée de l'Orangerie
2005 The Foundation acquires Jackson Pollock's Number 2, 1951.
2011 The Foundation acquires Gustave Caillebotte's Young Man Playing The Piano.
2012 Ishibashi Foundation is accredited as a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation.
2015 The Bridgestone Museum of Art "Best of the Best exhibition" was held.
The Bridgestone Museum of Art extended term closure since May for renovation.
2016 The administration of the Ishibashi Museum of Art is handed over to the City of Kurume and renamed as the Kurume City Art Museum.
2017 "Tokyo — Paris Masterpieces from the Bridgestone Museum of Art in Tokyo — Ishibashi Foundation Collection Exhibition" is held at the Musée de l'Orangerie, France. Approx. 420,000 visitors.
2018 The announcement of changing the name of the Bridgestone Museum of Art (to the Artizon Museum) in July 2019 and its opening in January 2020.
2019 Completion of Construction of "Museum Tower Kyobashi".
2020 Artizon Museum opens.
BMA: Bridgestone Museum of Art
IMA: Ishibashi Museum of Art